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Tax Crimes Team’s talents include former judges, former prosecutors and various other former government officials from National Tax Service and Korea Customs Service.  Loaded with experts with practical experience, the Team, in coordination with the Tax Audit Team and Tax Consulting Team, works strenously to produce a synergistic effect for client’s interest.  As such, the Tax Crimes Team lays out an strategic blueprint integrated with tax appeal strategy for various criminal tax investigations and trials such as tax fraud cases, custom tax evasions, and criminal tax litigations. Starting from the initial investigatory stage till the criminal adjudicatory stage, the team meticulously and effectively responds to each stage of the investigation and adjudication and strives hard to protect the interest of clients.

Major Practice Areas

  • Tax fraud cases
  • Customs duty evasion cases
  • Criminal tax litigations

Customs Duty

  • Successfully represented Dorco in a criminal customs case related to a country of origin.  
  • Successfully defended GS Caltex from allegation of custom duties evasion.