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The intellectual property industry has become more sophisticated, where intellectual property (“IP”) is now recognized as a valuable asset that needs to be monetized through licensing, litigation or sale.  Since litigation of an IP asset can also result in licensing or sale, IP licensing and transactions have increased dramatically.  These licensing deals can range from individual licensing deals (e.g., between users and suppliers) to complex IP pools (e.g., multiple contributors of IP).  Similarly, the scope of transactions can range from a simple purchase or sale of one IP asset to a whole portfolio of IP assets.  However, each type of license or transaction poses unique risks in view of the differring nature of each IP right and the complex variables relating to a particular deal.

Yulchon's IP Group utilizes its experience and know-how to provide comprehensive services relating to IP licensing and transactions.  The IP Group also collaborates with Yulchon’s M&A and Corporate Groups to formulate effective IP business strategies of virtually any scope or complexity.

Major Practice Areas

  • Review and draft transaction and licensing agreement relating to intellectual property rights and technology.
  • Advise on compliance with IP related laws.
  • Advise on minimizing risks in licensing intellectual property rights and technology.
  • Conduct due diligence and valuation of intellectual property rights in M&A deals.
  • Advise on collective licensing of intellectual property rights.
  • Review and draft terms and conditions for collective licensing of intellectual property rights, as well as any related legal documents required for setting up the licensing entity.

  • Advised a semiconductor equipment manufacturer on incorporation of a joint venture company in China.
  • Advised Lotte Samkang on a technology and trademark license agreement.
  • Advised a client on a biosimilar technology licensing agreement, and assisted the client in the negotiations with a multinational company.
  • Drafted a patent transfer and non-exclusive license agreement for a local IP holding company “I.”