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Yulchon is one of the leading Korean firms in advising the asset management and financial industries. Our services range from counseling on fund formation to ongoing assistance with operations and investment, as well as advice on financing and mergers and acquisitions of investment funds and financial institutions. Our clients include Korea’s major investment advisers, financial institutions, and other sophisticated investors such as private equity funds, hedge funds, and real estate funds. Our practice is also closely integrated with the rest of the firm, allowing us to assist clients with comprehensive and strategic ways to develop optimal asset management plans and fund structures.

With the regulatory regime for the capital markets getting increasingly expansive, Yulchon stays on the cutting edge of regulatory developments in the asset management and financial area. Yulchon lawyers take an active role in shaping and amending the regulatory framework. With our distinguished experience and knowledge in the regulations of the financial industry, we provide premier services in counseling on regulatory matters.

Major Practice Areas

  • Licensing and Registration

     - Formation and registration of asset management companies
     - Formation and registration of public and private equity funds, hedge funds and others.
     - Formation and registration of special purpose funds such as real estate funds and REITs
     - Domestic registration of foreign funds
     - Foreign fund managers’ cross-border transactions

  • M&A of Financial Institutions

     - M&A between investment advisory firms such as asset management firms and investment consulting firms
     - Legal due diligence, accounting, and taxation issues related to M&A

  • Compliance

     - Compliance with the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act of Korea
     - Marketing, corporate governance, and internal control of investment advisory firms
     - Public announcement of funds or unfair trade issues related to formation, sale, and resale of funds

  • Fund Formation

     - Development, sales, and resale of funds
     - Disputes over improper sale of funds
     - Domestic sales of foreign funds
     - Disputes and litigations related to sales of funds

  • Represented Newtonian Capital Limited in registration of Newtonian China Real Estate Offshore Fund Limited with the Financial Supervisory Service of Korea
  • Advised registration of a European Fund based in Liechtenstein with the Financial Supervisory Service of Korea as a foreign collective investment vehicle
  • Represented Realty Advisers Korea in obtaining a license to conduct financial advisory works
  • Advised on formation and operation of a number of SPACs, such as LIG Master SPAC
  • Advised WooriPE and Blackstone Korea in establishment of a PEF which major pension funds and financial institutions joined as limited partners. Also assisted with execution of the operation agreement among general partners
  • Advised Enjoyplus on establishment of a PEF and investments in vegetable retail business
  • Represented parties in damage suits involving improper sales of funds investing in Russian government bonds.
  • Represented parties in damage suits involving improper sale and fiduciary duty violation of a fund which purchased derivatives issued by Lehman Brothers 
  • Advised Morgan Stanley and Shinyoung on acquisition of Trust Tower and Onse Communication Office building in Bundang using REITs 
  • Advised Hana Daol Fund Management on establishing a real estate fund for investment in Malaysia real estates and related transactions
  • Represented Extolia GP LLC in registration of Extolia Offshore Fund with the Financial Supervisory Service of Korea
  • Advised Millenniums Partners on establishment and registration of a hedge fund operating firm.