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Yulchon’s Sports and Entertainment practice has grown rapidly to offer full service to the fast-growing and emerging sports, entertainment and media businesses in Korea. Our Sports and Entertainment Group counsels innovators in the industries.

We offer creative solutions to client's concerns across the full spectrum of sports and entertainment industry including contracts, licensing, intellectual property, government regulations and permits, and franchising.

We are pioneering cutting edge legal services in the Sports and Entertainment practice area with our representation of clients in in various matters, including major international sports events such as Olympics, disputes involving TV entertainers and entertainment agencies, and development of tourist hotels and theme parks. Our dedication and service tailored to every client’s need will guarantee innovative yet reliable results.

Major Practice Areas

  • Sports

     - Contracts for professional golf, soccer, baseball and other sports players
     - Development and management of a golf course and golf club membership 
     - Legal and contractual issues over various sports games and events
     - Legal issues related to sports marketing
     - Sports related patents, trademarks, and other intellectual properties including player's publicity rights

  • Entertainment

     - Contracts between entertainers and their agencies and Korea anti-competition regulations over 
       exclusive contracts 
     - Acquisition and sale of entertainment agencies
     - Civil and criminal cases involving artists, entertainers, and other celebrities
     - Contracts and other legal issues related to organizing performances and shows


  • Game

     - Licensing and other intellectual property issues related to a game and its characters
     - Regulations and contracts related to production, distribution, and operation in the game industry


  • Media

     - Regulations over broadcasting and communication  
     - Contracts related to broadcasting rights and advertisement
     - Civil and criminal disputes related to defamation, personal information uses, etc


  • Performing Arts

     - Contracts and disputes related to performances, shows or exhibitions
     - Contracts and disputes related to arts auctions
     - Infringement of copyrights or other intellectual properties


  • Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

     - Construction, acquisition development, and operation of, or investment in hotels
     - Development and operation of, or investment in theme parks and other touristic sites
     - Planning and managing various events such as art exhibitions


  • Advised the Organizing Committee for 2014 Incheon Asian Game
  • Advised the Organizing Committee for 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiad
  • Advised the Organizing Committee for 2013 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic
  • Reviewed domestic and foreign sponsorship agreements for golf games
  • Provided advice on acquisition, lease, construction and operation of golf courses
  • Provided advice on fair trade issues over membership and membership premiums of golf clubs
  • Provided advice on disputes between professional soccer/baseball players and their teams


  • Advised on legal issues over entertainers’ exclusive contracts
  • Provided advice in an anti-competition case related to recording companies’ sale and distribution of music
  • Advised S Entertainment on various new projects
  • Provided advice in M&As of entertainment agencies 
  • Provided advice on domestic/foreign show planning, operation and investment


  • Advised media companies on licensing contracts 
  • Advised art auction companies on establishment and operation of company
  • Provided advice on issues over development and investment in Marina
  • Provided advice on acquisition, disposition, development, investment in hotels or residences
  • Provided advice on hotel management contracts
  • Provided advice on development and operation of theme parks