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Our Real Estate and Construction Group has extensive experience handling construction projects and construction-related issues, including transactional aspects of major private and public construction projects, such as bidding, contracting, and negotiation, as well as dispute resolution issues arising from the construction process.

Major Practice Areas

  • Advice concerning real estate construction
  • Litigation concerning real estate construction

  • Advising Lotte on design contract, subcontract and international bidding procedures for subcontractors relating to the 2nd Lotte World project.
  • Advising developers on the new roadbed construction project for the Ori-Suwon subway construction.
  • Advising developers on the construction and installation of the PC structure in the Incheon International Airport.
  • Advising a Korean developer on its Mok-dong Hyperion construction project and Hannam-dong Hyperion construction project.
  • Advising a Korean developer on its construction project for Gayang Bridge.
  • Advising a Korean developer on its construction project for Pyungtaek Port.
  • Representing developers in litigations relating to licenses and permits required for LPG facility construction.
  • Representing developers involved in the multi-party case in connection with the collapse accident of container cranes due to the typhoon Maemi.
  • Representing a major Korean company in an administrative proceeding regarding the cancellation of harbor construction work approvals.
  • Representing developers in disputes relating to civil and criminal charges in connection with the GS Incheon Distribution Center.
  • Representing a general contractor in a dispute regarding the acknowledgment of additional construction expenses for a turn-key construction.
  • Representing a state-owned company in disputes regarding the extraction and relocation expenses of oil pipeline running under lands adjacent to roads.
  • Representing and advising major Korean construction companies in various disputes arising from construction costs, adjustment of contract prices, liquidated damages, allocation of construction cost, contract deposits, subcontract, and defect repair.