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Yulchon’s Dispute Resolution Group offers high quality service for general civil disputes, which is at the heart of its offering to clients. Yulchon was ranked in first place in Chosun Ilbo’s survey of cases won at the Supreme Court for the first half of 2010.
The prominence and success of Yulchon’s Dispute Resolution Group comes from their talented professionals who combine in-depth theoretical knowledge with longstanding experience before the courts. In representing their clients they are able to draw on the wider expertise within Yulchon to offer a technical and successful resolution of any issues that arise.

Major Practice Areas

Yulchon’s Dispute Resolution Group offers legal advice and representation in all stages of civil disputes, i.e., provisional measures to case on merits, appeals, and enforcement of judgments. It also covers a wide array of subjects, often cooperating with various teams within and outside of the Group.

  • Represented a Korean bank in an claim issued by the State’s Korea Lottery Service for the indemnification of 320 billion KRW
  • Represented a commercial bank in its claims against a Korean property insurance company, foreign reinsurance company, and others (150 cases in total, 40-50 debtors each) for the insurance payment of 140 billion KRW in relation to an auto-loan (loan approved for an automobile purchase); facilitated reconciliation under favorable conditions.
  • Represented directors and officers of a major construction company in a claim issued by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation for the indemnification of 10 billion KRW; established a new theory in the conversion of investments that occurs in the process of corporate improvement
  • Represented a semiconductor company in the appellate level against the claim issued by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation regarding the return of escrow shares worth of which is estimated at 50 billion KRW
  • Represented a subsidiary of a foreign web-portal company that provides click-based advertisement services and obtained a ruling that a click-based advertisement provider is not responsible for the indemnification of damages caused by accidental clicks
  • Represented the Securities Market Stabilization Fund in a dispute with a security firm and listed company in regards to the disposal of the Fund
  • Representation of a Korean public corporation in regards to moving charges of oil pipelines built inside a no-construction area
  • Represented a company which acquired a golf course in Korea in a dispute with members that purchased memberships issued by the previous owner
  • Represented officers and directors of a Korean conglomerate in an indemnification claim issued by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
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  • Annotation for general provisions of the Civil Code (2), Partial Author of Joint Ownership-Clan, Korea Society for Judicial Administration (2001) 

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