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We have substantial experience in advising clients on virtually every aspect of aircraft, ship financing and equipment financing, as a result of which, our Lease and Transportation Finance Practice Group is particularly well-respected in the Korean legal market.  Most companies involved in business transactions in these areas are among Yulchon’s clients and look to our Lease and Transportation Finance Practice Group for expert legal advice that can only be offered by lawyers equipped with years of extensive, high-level experience and focused training. Our attorneys are capable of assisting clients in resolving a comprehensive range of legal issues associated with lease finance, acquisition, and disposal structures.

For ship finance and leasing, our Lease and Transportation Finance Practice Group has represented most major shipping companies, commercial banks, government-owned banks in Korea and most of the notable foreign lenders participating in the ship financing market, including such prominent financial institutions as BNP Paribas Société Générale, DVB Bank, DnB Nor, Natixis and Calyon.

Clients also include most of the local banks that are actively involved in ship financing transactions, such as Korea Development Bank, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank. Likewise, we regularly advise the Korean export credit agencies, KEXIM and KSURE, on their ship financing deals.  We advise on the whole spectrum of shipping finance, from straightforward mortgage lending on single ship transactions to highly structured transactions. This includes ship-secured and unsecured loan financing, structured finance for shipping companies such as tax-leveraged financing products, securitisation and cross-border leasing, the purchase, registration and disposal of ships and shipping companies, the negotiation of shipbuilding contracts, charters and shipping pools and advice on capital markets and port financing.

For aircraft finance and leasing, our Lease and Transportation Finance Practice Group has acted as legal advisors in connection with all types of transactions, including those relating to Jeju Air’s and T’way’s fleet of aircraft, including transactions vis-à-vis the notable international lessors including CIT, IFLC and GECAS, among other counterparties. We have also acted as legal advisors to foreign lessors and have developed expertise in the area of USEXIM export financing in relation to Boeing transactions and ECA financing in relation to Airbus transactions.

  • “Boeing Vs. Airbus, una controversia multimillonaria”, Diario Clarín (Buenos Aires, July 2005) 

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