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Yulchon has a leading Corporate Governance practice, in which we combine talents from our corporate, finance, antitrust, tax and litigation departments to advise public and private companies and other entities, and their directors and officers, regarding the full range of corporate governance issues and the evolving responsibilities of directors and management. 

With tougher government regulation and the emergence of shareholder activism in Korea, companies are facing increasing demand for accountability and transparency in corporate governance. With deep understanding of the evolving relevant laws and regulations governing board operation, director responsibilities and shareholder relations, and proxy contests, Yulchon’s lawyers help clients to sail through evolving regulation. We routinely advise companies on day-to-day internal governance issues, shareholder relations and compliance with the full range of laws, rules and regulations governing corporate governance and fiduciary duty matters. With diverse expertise of our attorneys, Yulchon is able to provide efficient and effective advice on various matters associated with corporate governance.

Our client base includes companies from every segment of industries within Korea as well as clients based overseas. With our extensive experience in cross-border transactions and international dispute resolution, we assist clients to find practical solutions to overcome often-conflicting regulations on corporate governance in a cross-border context.

Our attorneys at Yulchon will strive to bring practical approach, creativity and commitment to excellence to each matter in which we are engaged.

Major Practice Areas

  • Governance and restructuring of domestic and foreign companies and their affiliates

     - Improving and changing corporate governance between affiliated companies
     - Regulations related to financial and general holding companies
     - Control, trade, and various legal issues relating to transactions with affiliated companies


  • Shareholders' meetings, board of directors meetings, and other issues

     - Shareholders’ meetings, board of directors’ meetings and shareholder and board of director procedures
     - Internal regulations regarding shareholder meetings, operation regulations, board of directors’ operations
       and committees within the board of directors
     - Voting rights, as well as advice on electing, appointing and removing directors, statutory auditors, and audit
       committee members
     - Responsibilities of directors, such as good faith, duty of care, and duty of loyalty
     - Shareholder rights and related responsive strategies
     - Responses to shareholder activism
     - Election and removal of independent auditors
     - Responses to internal investigations


  • Shares and management authority

     - Various management authority disputes
     - Regulations and prohibitions on stock ownership and voting rights
     - Execution of all disclosure requirements related to listed companies including performing necessary
       disclosure on behalf of our clients
     - Execution strategies for the issuance of new shares (including share allocation, and third party allocation), 
       and capital reduction
     - Issues related to stock options, converted private loans, and other debt
     - Issues relating to foreign investments in Korean companies

Governance and restructuring of domestic and foreign companies and their affiliates

  • Advised company H on issues regarding improvements to its governance
  • Advised company H on issues of restructuring and its conversion to a holding company
  • Advised on the governance issues between company B, a foreign company, and its affiliate in Korea
  • Advised company S on their corporate governance 
  • Advised on the reform of governance of company B's subsidiary (BC Card) and its affiliate
  • Advised company H on the transfer of business of its affiliate to a newly established company

Shareholders' meetings, board of directors meetings, and other issues

  • Advised company G on matters associated with the attendance procedure of the shareholder meeting
  • Advised company H on the issues associated with the appointment of the CEO and the attendance procedures for its extraordinary general meeting of shareholders
  • Advised company D on the demand procedures for summoning a shareholder's meeting
  • Advised company T on the investigation and countermeasures for the misconduct of its ex-CEO after the succession of the management authority

Shares and management authority

  • Advised on the issues relating to the disputes between companies L and T regarding management authority
  • Advised company O on defending management authority in relation to company Q's BW events for foreign investors
  • Advised a foreign company, B, on creating their joint venture agreement, articles of incorporation, permit for investment, and defense on management authority
  • Advised company T on taking over of company K, disputes over management authority, and its contracts
  • Advised company N on management authority disputes
  • Advised company D on management authority defenses 
  • Prepared a policy report for company K on the international status of the problems associated with management authority defense and also provided advice on other related matters
  • Advised company D on the secret funds incident relating to the management authority dispute
  • Advised company D on the issues over its funds from the UK and management authority disputes
  • Advised H Group on management authority disputes

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