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In recent years, the media has frequently reported whistle-blowing on corporate misconduct, such as bribery, embezzlement and sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as other types of incidents or accidents. Conventionally, businesses have investigated such whistle-blower cases through their human resources, legal or audit teams and have taken disciplinary or legal action based on such internal findings.

However, such conventional responses are becoming increasingly restricted in their utility due to a quickly changing social and economic environment. Such changes include improved public awareness of civil rights, rise in the frequency of internal whistle-blowing cases and related incidents, and the increased risk caused by the development of media, including social media. In addition, in-house investigators are not often familiar with the pitfalls of internal investigations, and their interests may conflict with those of other departments—such issues compound the difficulties of internal investigations, which are already highly complex and risky. For this reason, even in jurisdictions where in-house personnel are well-equipped to conduct internal investigations, such as the United States and Europe, business still utilize outside experts to conduct internal investigations.

Yulchon’s internal investigation team operates with full knowledge of such conditions. Yulchon’s Internal Investigation Team conducts internal investigations as an objective and impartial third party to ensure that businesses facing internal whistle-blowing cases and other incidents can respond promptly and effectively.

Yulchon’s Internal Investigation Team is composed of the best professionals for that role, including experts on investigations and digital evidence analyses, such as former prosecutors, former investigators at prosecution services, and former police officers, experts on personnel management and labor experts, such as labor law lawyers, and intellectual property, trade secrets and compliance experts, such as intellectual property attorneys. The staff also includes other specialists, including attorneys specializing on personal information protection laws, as well as foreign attorneys, patent attorneys, accountants, and digital forensic experts.

In particular, Yulchon’s Internal Investigation Team is working with the Compliance Team to establish a one-stop service for all investigation and compliance needs of its clients, which can help strengthen overall compliance capabilities, including specific investigations and the establishment of a system to prevent recurrence.

Yulchon’s Internal Investigation Team conducts a variety of internal investigations, including interviews, evidence collection and analysis, and field investigations. Also, on April 2017, Yulchon adopted the most widely used digital evidence survey solution in the world, "Nuix Investigator ARX." Use of this forensic analysis tool, Yulchon will be even more equipped to conduct comprehensive and professional internal investigations, implement post-crisis management measures, establish compliance support officer systems, and respond to information leakage incidents and to investigations by the Fair Trade Commission, National Tax Service’s investigation, or other government agencies.

The tool permits the user to employ various search techniques, recover deleted information, and analyze metadata. It also enables Yulchon’s experts to review higher volumes of evidence and other documents more accurately and expeditiously. This cutting-edge investigation tool, along with its expertise and knowledge, is one of the greatest advantages of Yulchon’s Internal Investigation Team. 


Major Practice Areas


  • Rendering industry-leading internal research services and related advice
    - Interviews, evidence collection and analysis, fieldwork, and reporting
  • Providing legal response support and comprehensive crisis management that follow on internal investigation results
  • Securing analysis capabilities, such as digital evidence analysis service [Nuix Investigator ARX]
  • Implementing compliance systems

  • Investigating employees’ receipt of bribes from suppliers and providing related advice, following a whistle-blower’s report [Manufacturer A]
  • Advising on renegotiation strategy for the client company by investigating employees" breach of fiduciary duty and misconduct during a merger [Manufacturer B]
  • Investigating and advising on possible sanctions against the executive of a financial institution, who committed misconduct, such as acting as an agent for a private lender [C Bank]
  • Investigating and advising on the sanctions against an executive for misconduct [Pharmaceutical Company D]
  • Investigating and advising on alleged trade secret leakage incident by conducting forensic analysis on retired employees [Manufacturer E]
  • Investigating and advising on alleged corruption of a labor union executive from the third party perspective [IT Company F]
  • Conducting compliance inspections by collecting and analyzing employee e-mails (which uncovered improper work flow protocols and receipt of bribes) and advising on the means of improvement [Manufacturer G]

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