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Yulchon’s Banking and General Finance Group provides high-quality legal service not only in the general financing area but also in the international capital market, project financing, ABS, finance structure design and/or financial derivatives area. The attorneys in the Banking and General Finance Group strive to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing financial environment and newly introduced banking methods in order to provide the most efficient professional services they can and to meet the demands of domestic and foreign clients.

We pride ourselves in providing practical and effective services by working with outstanding attorneys and professionals with years of practical experience at governmental organizations and banks such as the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Financial Services Commission. The Banking and General Finance Group works closely with attorneys in other practice areas in order to provide impeccable representation and harmonized legal services.

Major Practice Areas

  • General finance

     - Legal consultation related to all types of financing (including syndicate loans).
     - Legal services for the structuring of financial holding companies.


  • Mergers & acquisitions in the financial services field

     - Legal consultation for M&A deals involving Korean financial institutions.

  • International capital markets

     - Legal consultation for debt and equity issues, and other securities transactions. 
     - Legal consultation for the listing of Korean companies on domestic and foreign exchanges and the
       establishment of private equity funds.


  • Structured finance

     - Consulting services for structured finance transactions including international securitization and repackaging
        programs, and asset-backed securitization (ABS) transactions.


  • Derivative finance

     - Consultation and legal services in relation to agreements on derivative products.


  • Project finance and security finance fields

     - Legal consultation for project finance and real estate finance.


  • Fund investment

     - Legal consultation to investment trust companies for management of various types of funds.


  • Airline and ship finance

     - Consultation and legal services for the registration, purchase and sale of airlines and ships, and lease


  • Acquisition, registration and renewal of licenses for financial business

     - Legal consulting services for the establishment of domestic businesses by foreign financial institutions.



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