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Yulchon offers comprehensive services in counseling and litigation for the various disputes that arise from domestic and overseas transactions in the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as actions of both private and public entities engaged in the industries.  Yulchon’s Healthcare Dispute Practice provides advice on all matters related to the industry, including sanctions, regulations, as well as administrative and civil litigations.

Members of Yulchon’s Healthcare Dispute Team have worked as judicial researchers at the Korean Supreme Court, chief judges of Korean courts’ administrative divisions, and public prosecutors.  Utilizing this experience, they tailor their services to fit clients’ needs and seek preventive measures and cost-saving solutions for disputes arising in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Major Practice Areas

  • Regulations on health and medical treatments

     - Advice on and representation in administrative adjudications and litigations related to obtaining authorization 
       and registration of pharmaceutical products or medical equipment from government institutions such as the 
       Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korea Food and Drug Administration
     - Advice on pharmaceutical pricing and representation in related appellate administrative adjudications and 
     - Advice on and representation in civil, criminal, and administrative litigations relating to and resulting from 
       government investigations into possible violations of such laws as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and Medical
       Service Act

  • Disputes between pharmaceutical companies
    - Advice on and representation in civil and criminal cases related to the supply of pharmaceutical products
    - Representation in patent and civil cases related to product liability defects and intellectual property issues 
      in medical and pharmaceutical products 

Regulations on health and medical treatments

  • Advised the Ministry of Health and Welfare on pharmaceutical pricing issues on behalf of a multinational pharmaceutical company
  • Advised on administrative litigation seeking the cancellation of dispositions of the Ministry of Health and Welfare cutting the overall prices on pharmaceutical products
  • Represented the government in an administrative litigation, the key issue of which was whether to allow arbitrarily decided wages

Disputes between pharmaceutical companies

  • Counseled a Korean pharmaceutical company on a supply contract it had with another pharmaceutical company
  • Represented a multinational pharmaceutical company in its dispute with a Korean pharmaceutical company with regard to its termination of an exclusive sales contract


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