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The Korean entertainment industry has become a signficant contributor to Korea's economy in view of its continued growth and diversification.  The IP Group has extensive experience in reviewing contracts relating to all aspects of the entertainment industry, such as production and profit sharing contracts, as well as exclusive management contracts involving performances, movies, broadcasting, games and sports.  The IP Group also provides IP specific legal advice on acquisition, management and protection of intellectual property rights.  Further, the IP Group provides advice and represents clients in relation to licensing and transaction of IP rights, infringement on right of publicity and portrait, and defamation.

Major Practice Areas

  • Protect and manage IP rights pertaining to music, movies and publications, etc.
  • Advise on IP rights for broadcasting companies, record companies, entertainment companies and advertising agencies.
  • Assist in acquisition, management and protection of various IP rights including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and portrait rights. 
  • Draft and review domestic/overseas performance agreements, game publishing agreements and other relevant agreements.
  • Draft and review exclusive management agreements.
  • Investigate and recommend solutions to IP rights infringement, and represent client in related litigation.
  • Civil and criminal cases, including cases relating to defamation and disputes arising from interpretation of contracts.

  • Represented SM Entertainment in litigation to confirm an exclusive management agreement.
  • Represented CJ E&M in a claim for damages relating to overseas sound source distribution license agreement.
  • Represented Shinsegae in a litigation relating to infringement of the right of publicity.
  • Represented Cheil Worldwide and Dong-a Pharmaceutical in a litigation relating to copyright and portrait right infringement in advertisement featuring scenes from soccer matches.
  • Represented Korean Broadcasters Association, including CBS (Christian Broadcasting System), in an action to recover compensation paid for broadcasting of music.
  • Reviewed joint production and investment agreements for Seoul Arts Center.
  • Reviewed copyright agreement for producing musical for Sejong Center.
  • Advised a French musical actor in a dispute relating to a concert planned in Korea.


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