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Yulchon’s Securities and Capital Markets Group offers premium service on all aspects of capital markets transactions, including advisory work on regulatory issues, corporate structuring, offering procedures, and disputes for a wide range of clients. 

Our Securities and Capital Markets Group brings together the knowledge of the firm’s renowned tax, antitrust, real estate, outbound, and litigation groups, as well as the expertise of staff advisors with years of experience working for various financial institutions and government agencies to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. Our attorneys are familiar with the laws of various jurisdictions and have an in-depth and up-to-date working knowledge of the emerging issues in capital markets today.

Major Practice Areas

  • Securities Issuance

     - Pre-listing evaluation, initial public offerings and stock listing
     - Paid-in capital increase, convertible bonds, bonds with warrants, and funding advice
     - International bond issuance and outbound advice
     - Underwriting advice for financial investors


  • Securities Circulars

     - Preparation of periodic reports and disclosure statements
     - Periodic disclosures to the securities exchange 
     - Preparation of disclosure to foreign investors, foreign investor registration and reporting of securities


  • M&A and Corporate Restructuring

     - Advice on company mergers, division, transfer of business, and transfer of assets
     - Negotiation of M&A transactions, tender offers, buyouts, and other dealings  


  • Entry Regulations for Financial Investors

     - First time licensing of financial investment businesses including investment brokers, investment
       managers, and hedge fund managers
     - Add-on licensing requirements for existing financial investment businesses and financial investment 
       holding companies
     - Registration of investment consulting businesses, discretionary investment businesses and offshore
       investment consulting businesses


  • Business Practices Regulations

     - Financial investment business practice regulations
     - Compliance support and consulting for financial investment businesses 
     - Various other issues related to the financial investment industry in conjunction with the Korea Financial
       Investment Association

  • Capital Market Law, Pakyoungsa (2016) 
  • Dodd-Frank’s Impact on Derivatives Participants in Asia, The Asian Business Lawyer (Vol. 13 Spring 2014) 



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