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Yulchon has been at the forefront of defense and government contracts practice since 2009 when it became the first major law firm having the Government Contracts Group.

For the past decade, Yulchon has been home to the largest and most successful government contracts and defense practice. Our deep understanding of the industry and regulations affecting government contracts and defense has enabled us to provide legal services tailored to each client’s individual needs.

With an abundance of experience, and knowledge from continuous study of the system and the analysis of legislation, Yulchon’s Government Contracts Group works closely with other professionals in antitrust, corporate and M&A, finance, IP, tax, and dispute resolution groups.

Major Practice Areas

  • Laws and Regulations related to Government Procurement

     - Research on and presentation of proposed legislative amendments
     - Studies on problems and improvement of the procurement system
     - Legal advice to related government entities such as the Board of Audit and Inspection, Ministry of Strategy 
       and Finance, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, and Korea Development Institute (KDI).


  • Defense Industry

     - Sale and acquisition of companies under government procurement contracts 
     - Entering of and amending government procurement contracts – including disputes over compensation of 
     - Administrative actions such as sanctions against unjust enterprisers
     - Disputes and litigations over unfair profits related to production costs– including criminal charges
     - Unfair bidding and trading practices


  • Procurement Contracts

     - Entire procedure of procuring government contracts from call for bids, bid delivery, and award of contract to
       contract administration, and the related administrative and criminal sanctions.


  • Related Criminal Charges

     - Violation of Military Secret Protection Act
     - Fraud or other criminal charges related to production costs
     - Human resources affairs related to military and public officials


  • Represented and advised multiple construction companies in lawsuits related to governmental sanctions against submitting false performance records in biddings 
  • Represented and advised parties in lawsuits related to the collusion of consumer electronics companies and the collusions related to government research and development projects
  • Represented and advised multiple procurement companies on legal issues related to compensation of deferment
  • Advised on issues related to joint procurement agreements 
  • Advised on legal issues of overhead costs 
  • Advised Construction Association of Korea and Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center (PIMAC)
  • Advised multiple construction/engineering companies facing administrative actions such as suspension of business

Defense Industry

  • Conducted a study on proposed act for regulating production costs for KDI
  • Conducted a study on problems and improvement of procurement contract system including incentive-fixed price contract for Defense Acquisition Program Administration (“DAPA”)
  • Conducted a study on problems and improvement of the compensation of deferment regulations for DAPA
  • Conducted a study on efficiency of defense assets management for DAPA
  • Advised DAPA on legal issues related to the performance based logistics (PBS) system.
  • Advised DAPA on legal issues related to a helicopter purchasing project
  • Advised the Board of Audit and Inspection in the review of the board for a maritime patrol aircraft purchasing project
  • Provided advice on the sale and acquisition of defense related companies for D,P,K and S companies
  • Provided advice on Korean regulations and taxation related to establishing trade agencies for foreign defense related companies
  • Advised L company on legal issues related to the submarine business
  • Advised multiple companies in disputes over compensation of deferment
  • Advised multiple companies on defense in lawsuits claiming for return of unfair profits
  • Advised on the issues and litigations of governmental sanctions against unjust enterprisers
  • Represented and advised multiple companies facing criminal charges for violating Military Secret Protection Act



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